Kids & Family Yoga

Preschool Yoga
Join Kerstin Phillips and Love and Live Yoga on a journey of creativity, self-acceptance, personal awareness and most of all fun! Each preschool yoga class teaches yoga through age and developmentally appropriate yoga poses, creative movements, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques. And Kerstin LOVES science, you will see science learning points woven into every class. 

Does your Preschool, Girl Scout Troupe, Boy Scout Troupe, School Group or other organization want to add kids yoga? Kerstin teaches all children age ranges! Call 510-517-1504 or email Kerstin to ask about pricing and availability! 

Private sessions available for one child, siblings, best friends, or families. Contact Kerstin to set up your private session at 510-517-1504 or

Meet the Teacher: Kerstin Phillips is a certified Next Generation Yoga teacher, which means that she teaches age and developmentally appropriate yoga poses, breathing exercises, chanting, meditation, and relaxation techniques that offer child-friendly relationships to the physical and philosophical traditions of yoga. You will discover that  her classes incorporate lessons in creativity, self-acceptance, interpersonal skills, positive thinking, personal & environmental awareness and (most of all) fun, which offer you and your kids positive tools for your everyday lives. And Kerstin LOVES science, you will see science learning points woven into nearly every class.