Brave New Beginnings

Kerstin created Brave New Beginnings for women who love hiking, cooking, reading, and are fiercely loyal to their families, even if they don’t have time for all of those things. Brave New Beginnings focuses on personal growth in a safe, small, and supportive community, you dive into what’s holding you back, discover how to gently release the overwhelm, and gain skills to help create a life where you feel grounded and that it is possible to do the things you love.

In Brave New Beginnings, Kerstin brings her wisdom from 5 years as a yoga teacher and facilitator to gently guide the group in natural and engaging conversation. She gives everyone space to journal and reflect before speaking. This she found is essential as Kerstin is not someone that was ever quick to speak. In college that was a challenge in several of her classes, that on at least two occasions led to tears. She recognizes that she's not alone. When Kerstin has time to reflect and think she has a much richer and deeper response. She experienced shifts in her own life, when she could let go of overwhelm and the feeling of juggling spinning plates. That inspired the birth of Brave New Beginnings, to provide a safe space for women to shed the overwhelm that they feel all the time and just don’t know what to do first.

Kerstin is a connector, she brings people together, this is one of her superpowers, she’s had it since childhood. With the busy overwhelm that plagued her for years, she found it so hard to find time for friends and for making new friends. She discovered that many other women experienced a lack of women friends too and when overwhelmed there wasn’t space to fit in new friendships. Plus with such busy lives they rarely got to do the things they really loved.

Brave New Beginnings takes you on a safe multi-week journey, we meet virtually because, let’s face it, we’re busy and don’t have time to drive across town even if we live only a few miles from each other. So let’s not worry about travel times, traffic, or any of that stuff. Rather we’ll connect online for an hour, we’ll create a supportive community, we’ll make new friends, we’ll work through our overwhelm together. And when we step out of the program, we’ll feel more grounded. We’ll have good friends we can call upon when we want to hang out or just talk. We’ll feel less like we’re juggling spinning plates and more like we’re balancing each plate with ease.

What are you waiting for? If this sparked your curiosity, even for a moment book a free call with Kerstin, to discover how Brave New Beginnings is a good fit for you.

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In this confidential session, be heard without judgement. Share where you want to be and what's holding you back. This session with leave you feeling a sense of ease and peace. You will also learn a few simple steps to help get closer to a brave new beginning in your life. Sign up for your free session here.