Kerstin and Love and Live Yoga


Step into your power

Kerstin uses her compassion and her strength to help women step into their power.

She knows what it feels like to feel overwhelmed by it all and unable to step into your true path. Kerstin began her own personal growth journey when she first stepped into yoga teacher training in 2014. Now she uses all that she’s learned to help other women discover what’s holding them back, shed the overwhelm and anxiety and step into a new powerful you.

Why love and live yoga?

Kerstin founded Love and Live Yoga because she saw how linking breath and movement on her mat could benefit her life outside of the yoga studio. Yoga gave her the strength and courage to dive deeper into what really matters to her. Now she shares that gift both on and off the mat.

And the logo? That’s Kerstin’s real silhouette, no photoshop, no airbrushing, her true form. She believes in representing women in their true forms, whatever that looks like.



CommuniTea and Brave New Beginnings

Kerstin is a connector, she brings people together. She found that women who love hiking, reading, cooking and are fiercely loyal to their families, were in need of support, growth, and a safe place to explore what was holding them back. Plus with such busy lives they rarely got to do the things they really loved.

That led to the birth of CommuniTea and Brave New Beginnings. CommunitTea is a once a month gathering for women in the San Francisco Bay Area. Kerstin brings her wisdom from 5 years as a yoga teacher and facilitator to gently guide a small group of women in engaging and deep conversation. Space for thought and journaling are highly encouraged as these gatherings are for those who’s first instinct is to listen and think rather than to talk immediately. Request an invitation here.

Kerstin took CommuniTea one step further by creating Brave New Beginnings a multi-week virtual women’s group. With a focus on personal growth in the safe confines of a small supportive community, you dive into what’s holding you back, discover how to gently release the overwhelm, and gain the skills to help you create a life where you feel grounded and that it is possible to do the things you love.

Read more about Brave New Beginnings here.


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